Shop business needs to learn more customer psychology

a lot of people are lamenting the business is not good to do, indeed, almost any industry has a very intense competition in the industry. Times are changing, consumption is changing. For operators, the change in consumer demand is the flash point of business. Only the transformation, adjust the management strategy, and to meet new consumer demand, to the business.

a report, said a new point due to the lack of start-up capital, and a reconstruction of customary in luxury hotels in the scenic area, and put up a seat for visitors living in thatched house. One night, Songtao, the scent of monkeys can be heard without end, wind hit, live in luxury hotels, feel the foot of urban life tourists particularly fresh, enjoy a return to nature of the ancient wind. Therefore, the scenic area attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists.

area within a heart by cottage hill inspired by the wild herbs resources Museum, not only food is uniform the wild herbs, even the staple food is with wild herbs do. After the opening of the tourists come to another, no this business is thriving.

In fact,

, as used to eat a large Steamed Rice person, if a meal of corn meal, may eat one or two bowls; eat fatty food, if the bowls of wild herbs, eat with relish. Thatched cottages, wild herbs museum is part of the customer need to "seize the consumer psychology, recover the original simplicity" boldly, ancient soil, customs and characteristics of the mining project from the unique business, so as to win.

look at another story to find a selling point. There is an interesting phenomenon in a supermarket: diapers and beer are sold together. The others seem quite strange move, but both sales increase. Originally, in order to accurately understand customer buying habits, the supermarket shopping behavior on customer analysis found that some of the young father after work, often to buy baby diapers, there are 30%~40% people also buy their own beer. The reason for this is that wives often ask her husband to buy diapers for her children after work, and husbands buy their favorite beer after buying diapers. Since a lot of both are purchased together opportunity, so the supermarket stores will be in diapers and beer are put together, the results of sales growth.

beer and diapers, can be described as the wind horse, but the supermarket from the customer’s shopping habits to find a selling point, and the clever combination of the two, but played an unexpected effect.

such a business, I am afraid that many operators simply can not think, after all, many consumers feel incredible, but it can be hot. Therefore, in the fierce competition in the market, businesses and individual operators may wish to learn more customer psychology, timely analysis and customer psychology, starting from the subtle to find an ideal way of selling, and to expand the business.

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