To choose Liao ribs braised food

as the top brand in the lo food has been welcomed by consumers, Liao ribs, word of mouth is good a halogen food to join the project. Since 1982 formally established and registered trademark, after 33 years of sustained and stable operation, the province has developed into a large private food enterprises, the characteristics of Liao ribs due to delicacy eaters, the media and government approval, quickly swept the country, whipped up a Sichuan brine joined boom, the patent level Lo chain model is an annual turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars return the franchisee.

century old taste — 23 years of Qianlong, Sichuan Liao’s ancestors in the palace of the imperial catering department supervisor kashihade, first "vapor smoke halogen" technology and the collection of halogen material formula crown court. After Emperor Qianlong’s southern tour, Guanshen Jiejia along the "Manhanquanxi" Liao’s famous cuisine "ranked red brine pigeon meat" seats. "Qing Hui Dian? Paul Temple Zeli" about a Chinese table record is also common in Liao’s creative boutique lucai.

fashion new pattern – after thousands of years of development of brine, can be described as the people on the table must be cooked dishes. Today, Liao’s descendants to fully grasp the ancestors of the "halogen technology book", made of delicious ribs taste, color and taste for the people sing. Liao ribs due to produce a unique and inimitable taste, is the people of Mianyang known as "a way of Fucheng"!

select all kinds of spices and Chongqing, angelica, dangshen, Chinese wolfberry into 50 kinds of precious Chinese herbal medicines.

: suffering method, transmission method, the double steam fumigation shift method,.

temperature control and accurate technique

hundred years passed down hoards of old brine, to ensure that the core taste of Liao ribs has been applied for the national intangible cultural heritage. All products are made by Liao ribs Handmade, ensure the traditional Lo is not lost, more scientific nutrition ratio.

Liao ribs join policy introduction:

professional marketing manager, assist to inspect the values of the selected locations. Customer survey, evaluation of the shop the possibility of turnover. Business profit and loss estimates for franchisees reference. Headquarters to send a full set of instructions to open the details of the business, such as the provision of open shop planning, including staff recruitment, product pricing, raw material supply, operation and management system and the establishment of the planning period. 2-3 stores sent officers to store free training (free accommodation), after passing the graduation certificate. After the opening of the headquarters will be free to carry out systematic technical training.

offers free decoration scheme and complete shop equipment, facilities layout, unified store image and style, so that franchisees spend very little money. Every year a large number of new products listed, franchisees can learn and use the technology for free, according to their own needs can be added

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