How about the profit

Shanghai plays an important role in the modern history of China, but now it is a big city in China. Every year, a large number of foreign population come to work here.

"grain" restaurant chain China headquarters – Shanghai Qi Island Catering Management Co. Ltd., is located in the beautiful economy and culture of Shanghai, Qi Island Catering Management Co. Ltd. is a project promotion, merchants, food comprehensive products research and development of beverage chain enterprises. The introduction of the "Qi Island famous brand of grain Taiwan International in 2006 to build Taiwan Han incense grain food, corn beef noodles two Taiwan private dining mode. Sweet food is grain Taiwan and South Korea to Japan and South Korea customs as the theme of the restaurant, the main products: Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle, bibimbap, sushi, sashimi, Korean food, beverage, the decoration style is retro style style, antique wood furniture, Korea style decor, favored by the vast number of consumers.

how about the profit?

Han Xiang cuisine has five colors, said: sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty, red, white, black, green, yellow. Tasted the Korean cuisine guests, the Korean food culture is unforgettable. Korean cuisine selection of natural, vegetarian stroke with a reasonable, the pursuit of less and fine, to ensure adequate nutrition, not overeating, very popular with young people sought after. Taiwan (China) grain authorization, union headquarters unified planning, unified unified trademark brand image design, unified system, unified training advertising, fast and perfect customer service service system, strong brand, market and regional protection, will guarantee your success.

profit analysis:

daily turnover: 5000 yuan

monthly turnover: 5000 yuan / day *30 days =150000 yuan, monthly gross profit of 70%, 150000× 70%=105000 yuan

cost: cost of raw materials 30% (30%*150000=45000 yuan)

cost two: rent $12000 / month

cost three: Hydropower 1500 yuan / month

cost four: personnel wages (number of personnel according to the size of the store configuration)

bar member: 2 yuan


Kitchen: 2 3000 yuan / person

office: 1 1800 yuan


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