Why Hefei can board the central hot word list

in the process of economic development, a lot of coastal cities have achieved remarkable results, but some central cities are constantly accelerating the pace of their rise. Recently, the "Hefei" on the central media "hot words list", the central city carrying gene "dark horse" in the fast development of success among the Yangtze River Delta, and its "unremittingly innovation lead" concept, won widespread praise. So, why can Hefei boarded the central media hot word list? The following and small series of specific understanding.

7 23 evening, the evening of 24, CCTV news network reported for the first time in Hefei for two consecutive days, up to more than 8 minutes when the two programs. In fact, from the beginning of July 14th, the most recent period in Hefei have frequently appeared in the central media.

as CCTV news network reported that, in the Yangtze River Delta brothers City, Hefei is small, but it has great wisdom".

Hefei grow, what is gene? What is the power to spare no effort to catch up?

provincial Party committee, Hefei municipal Party committee secretary Wu Cunrong pointed out that, for Hefei, the key way to adjust the structure of the way, is to adhere to the innovation as the first driving force to promote innovation and development, to promote the upgrade.

Hefei mayor Zhang Qingjun said that Hefei will recognize "the first phalanx" position, when "the first phalanx" role, take "the first phalanx" responsibility, "Hefei’s growth should be faster than people think".

growth gene

adhere to innovation with ideals, feelings, patience, perseverance


" development plan "in the Yangtze River Delta city group, Hefei location ‘sub center of the city" impressively, with Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou together, to build a world-class city group has a global influence." In the evening of July 23rd broadcast "news network", such as Hefei "opening".

in the super team in Hefei City, known as the "dark horse", after all, with the Shanghai Nanjing and other large city than Hefei, is still regarded as a "little brother", according to the 2015 GDP calculation, Hefei just over 1/5 of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing 60% shortage.

why is Hefei?

calmly and objectively look at Hefei is not difficult to find that it has a "big" good genes – that is, Wu Cunrong repeatedly stressed on many occasions "for Hefei, the key is to adjust the structure to the way, adhere to innovation as the first impetus to innovation is recommended

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