Profitable projects recommend Do not miss oh

want to do poineering work, want to shop, you can find the project has always been a headache for most of the investors, but what is a good project? Of course is to interpret, now many people love to buy small accessories, so open a jewelry stores is a good choice, do not hurry.

the target consumer group: individuality jewelry store consumer group positioning in the female consumers, urban fashion girl, occupation female, female students are the main consumer group.

accessories category can include: plush toys, bracelet, mobile phone accessories, cosmetics tools, ornaments, jewelry purse.

3 to friends or family to buy gifts, jewelry shop is preferred.

4 delicate small adorn article, the value of the collection, the use of different ornaments rotation small changes can reflect their clothes, the small taste.

5 non rational consumption: sometimes just want to stroll around, but once see love is unable to control, especially the 10 yuan of the following accessories.

principle is how to open the shop

site in the shop for, to maximize access to more customers, location is very important. Here are some jewelry experts provided > Peggy

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