Maternal and child supplies store costs are not high

as China’s two-child policy in full swing, also let the development of many related industries quickly, maternal industry is so open a baby shop, you can choose to open luxury shops, standard fashion shop, also can choose Mini micro shop, no matter what kind of form, needs a starting capital. If the money is not enough, then the shop will encounter a lot of pressure. The minimum area of a store can not be less than 30 square meters, less than 30 square meters of the store is easy to competitors. We are 30 square meters, the level of economic development in the city of the store.

a, rent: under normal circumstances, 30 square meters of shops rent about 30000-50000 yuan a year.

two, stocking: Summer shop ten square meters of stock for $1000, winter shop ten square meters of stock for $15000, 30 square meters in stock to about $21000 to $15000

three, decoration: a square meter renovation costs between $250 -350 yuan, 30 square meters of store renovation costs at about $10500 to $7500.

four, industrial and commercial expenses: maternal and child supplies shop investment cost is how much? Including business expenses. 1500 yuan

five, other costs: 2000 yuan to open a $30 square meters of baby supplies store calculation, the minimum cost is: between $46000 and $70000. This is not included in the rent transfer fee.

shop is certainly not so simple to do business, need to consider the money problem, if you purchase their own shop, so the funds needed will be less, but the premise is that you must have experience, understand the maternal and child products, so as not to be deceived. If you are to join the mother and child shop, then the cost will be higher, but there are ready-made models and experience, shop risk is also low. On the whole, each has its own advantages, and the funds are not the same.

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