Plug the top ten brands list

as a foundation, the quality of outlet, will directly affect the use quality of a housing, therefore, when we buy socket products, also need to choose more secure quality brand. In short, the basic socket in life will be to use, not the same as the price of the socket are quite different from the appearance, we can’t see the product quality, brand differentiation is still the most important outlet, let Xiaobian to introduce the socket ten brands list for you, teach you to pick what outlet quality good brand!

socket top ten brands list: SIEMENS SIEMENS

SIEMENS this brand has won the favor of many consumers and is synonymous with buy, the Elantra series, vision series, product series should get the praise of consumers, consumers generally think: cheap and easy to use, beautiful in design.

socket ten brands list second: Legrand Legrand

Legrand switch socket switch socket Chinese business started among the high-end market share of the top spot since 2000, the domestic industry has made a number of honors and recognition of the vast number of consumers, cabling business reached more than 30% in the industry market. Switch socket class K4.0 has been a model of the engineering market, and now rhyme, A8 series are generally favored by designers.

socket ten brands list of the top third: SIMON Simon

adhering to the 87 year professional brand "fashion + classic" essence, SIMON Simon continuous improvement process, the use of new materials. Hearty boxy, fresh and elegant silver frame, simple and smooth lines, the 58 series was composed and the vitality of " upstart " style.

plug the top ten brands list: FUTINA Futian switch

Futian electrical appliances in recent years through continuous innovation and development, become a "switch" category pioneer and leader, to achieve the overall switch panel flat point switch, Jimei fashion, safe and durable dust in one, including D2 series, D4 crystal champagne gold key point control series, D3 and white series high sales. By the high-end consumers and designers alike.

socket ten brands list: Schneider Electric Schneider

Schneider is currently the most panel switch

Series in circulation is the most popular: light series, Schneider wood products are imported materials, high quality, the only shortage: the price than other brands of high. Current >

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