Food and beverage must know the four ways to purchase

food and beverage investment venture on the rise, small series believe that the future will be more and more powerful army catering business, enduring. As everyone knows catering business is the primary location, and finally supply supply problem, each catering business process is very important, which directly determines the catering business growth rate, good purchase way to make your business become more effective.

general small and medium-sized restaurant procurement staff, in order to buy food raw materials and other goods, according to the different nature of the raw materials, the use of different degrees of urgency, and therefore the use of a variety of ways to buy. Sometimes in the procurement process, it is often encountered in the purchase of a far away, the inconvenience of transport and the emergence of temporary events, will be difficult for the procurement staff. This requires purchasing personnel to take advantage of the situation, flexible grasp, take a different approach.

dedicated to his work.

general procurement staff should be in accordance with the company’s daily business situation and the degree of benefit, for the specific situation of raw material consumption and essential food, do know how to choose different procurement methods. Buyer is to be good at observation, two is to be familiar with the specific content of the purchase order, can be timely, accurate, quality, reasonable price. Procurement staff usually work to broaden the channels of purchase, goods than three. In order to make the smooth completion of their own work, reduce pressure, generally take the time to purchase, temporary purchase and telephone purchase, etc., and constantly improve the efficiency of enterprise departments to ensure the use of goods.

regular purchase

generally experienced purchasing staff in issue two purchase timing: one is to advance purchase of raw materials such as dry cargo (maw, vermicelli, starch), spices (tomato sauce, pepper, sugar and so on), smoke, wine and spare items, should prevent excessive backlog or out of stock under the condition of appropriate advance purchase guarantee inventory. Two is to ensure that the day of the various departments of the enterprise required items. In order to ensure the kitchen use fresh fish, vegetables, soy products, fresh seafood, must be on the morning of purchase, because of the time, to ensure the raw material freshness must purchase timing.

temporary purchase

temporary purchase of procurement methods, in general, in addition to the normal procurement, in order to deal with the emergence of a temporary special circumstances, must take an emergency procurement, which is difficult to avoid in general small restaurants. There are two cases: one is the left leakage in the first day of the kitchen cleaning materials purchase, or is due to the mutation attendance increased the shortage of raw materials, to ensure the normal operation of the business need for temporary procurement; two is the emergency special, urgent materials or items, such as the switch fuse breaks lead to blackout. There is no spare material in urgent need of purchasing >

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