LCD TV ten brands list

TV as a household appliances is very important, because the market demand is very large, thus the birth of many brands, bring convenience to consumers, but also has a certain degree of distress, after all, too many brands, will be more difficult. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten LCD TV brands, so as to give you the choice to do a reference.

LCD TV ten brands list NO.1, Samsung LCD TV

Samsung is South Korea’s largest electronics companies, including semiconductors, mobile phones, monitors, notebooks, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, products, etc.. Samsung Electronics in dynamic, static memory, CDMA mobile phones, computer monitors, LCD TV, color TV and other 20 kinds of products to maintain the leading position in the world market.

LCD TV ten brands list NO.2, SONY LCD TV

SONY LCD TV has also launched four new focus for flat-panel TVs, respectively, HDMI panel, 10bit HD 1.3 interface, x.v.color standard and Motionflow 100Hz color gamut dynamic response time technology. These three new techniques were applied to the third generation SONY BRAVIA LCD TV products, and now SONY LCD TV camp if in accordance with the low-end high school order, should be X, W, F, V380A, V, M, the six series, logically, SONY will be the three new technology assigned to different location models, that is to say, in addition to the latest LCD TV, the rest of the series are not at the same time with the three technologies, it is also in order to reflect the dominance of SONY TV fully deserve.

LCD TV ten brands list NO.3, SKYWORTH LCD TV

SKYWORTH was founded in 1988, after twenty years of struggle, SKYWORTH has grown into an internationally renowned Chinese appliance giant, fiscal year 2007 Group annual sales amounted to HK $13 billion 939 million, exports for 10 years in the nation’s leading ranks of success into the world ten big TV brands, become an excellent enterprise China ranked sixteenth in the top 100 electronic.

LCD TV ten brands list NO.4, Hisense LCD TV

Hisense TV business is operated by Qingdao Hisense electric Limited by Share Ltd. Hisense has one of China’s most advanced digital TV production line, annual production capacity of 16 million 100 thousand sets of color tv.

LCD TV ten brands list NO.5, SHARP LCD TV

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