How to open a special box Hotel

of numerous enterprises, lunch is a variety of lunch solution. Thus, the operating characteristics of the box type hotel, as long as your food, taste good, it will hit the market, but if the real business, business area should be how much? What should the crowd as their target consumers? Let Xiaobian to you.

this, open store lunch cost characteristics about 8000-16000 yuan (including rent); lunch gross margin of about 40%-50%, the most important is the owner does not need to spend too much time to customers, is a very fast recovery of funds industry.

characteristics of lunch taste unique, welcomed by all sectors, its customers include high, middle and low income groups, and by the students, office workers, the location selection of a commercial street and the bustling streets of the most ideal; in addition, young people gathered around the corner of the small family or more residential area adjacent to. Around the primary and middle schools and other places, is the ideal location.

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