How to manage the success of subway shops

subway shops because of the special location, so the business needs to focus on some key points. This lot of shops should be how to operate successfully? There must be some skills and methods, if you have a comprehensive understanding of the problem, then operating naturally no problem, learn quickly.

for the Tianjin business community, MTR shops is a new business model, the new model has the advantages of convenient transportation is the traditional commercial incomparable.

"in retail in store, if you want to attract customers, at least to accessibility, so that customer contacts. MTR shops have this feature, and therefore have the opportunity." Zhang Yongqiang said that the subway station on the basis of a single subway shops may also form a group of shops, there will be other bookstores, pharmacies and other formats to join, thus forming a subway commercial network. At the same time, if the subway operation for a long time, then the subway can also be built around the night market, driven by the development of more formats.

operating position should be convenient

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