How to promote employment in Zigong

in the current social and economic development, although many of the local economy has been significantly developed, can not be separated from the majority of working people to pay. But in the face of China’s huge population base, many people still have difficulties in employment, especially in some poor and backward areas. So, how to promote employment in Zigong? The following and small series of specific understanding.


(1) information collection platform. Do a good job in the employment information and employment information collection and registration work, timely maintenance update database. In the first half, a total of 11.75 entries collected recruitment, job information.


(2) skill training platform. Combined with the data warehouse data, analysis of labor demand, accurate energy conservation and environmental protection equipment manufacturing, aviation and gas turbine, bio medicine and other types of skills training. In the first half, the implementation of training 5001 people, including young workers skills training of 2646 people, an increase of 35.07%.


(3) employment docking platform. Hold the “employment assistance” “private enterprise” “special recruitment of persons with disabilities” college graduates “two-way choice fair” and other special employment service activities, to build the enterprise employment and job seekers docking platform. In the first half, to carry out various types of special employment activities 127 screenings, providing nearly 60 thousand jobs, issued nearly ten thousand copies of information.


According to the above information, we can see that Zigong’s main measures to promote employment are: to promote the development of the local economy through the development of service industry in. Specifically, it includes three aspects: information collection platform, skill training platform, employment docking platform, so as to promote the employment of local people. Hope that this series of initiatives in the future will be able to receive significant results.

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