Sell products or feelings

the past two years, companies like playing cards, although the quality of products, but more talk about the spirit and faith. But for startups, does not seem to be able to harvest the desired results.

But this is not

is the latest example, high-profile high-profile venture company music entrepreneur Jia Yueting, the internal channel to dominate their own blind rush you will become the most shining star "name, in order to announce its financing information.

A few days before the

example is the millet. Rebs released this year’s first N game release of all metal Note  3, dished out all my longing golden sentence, talk about the king’s title to reflect and sad.


it seemed to become a phenomenon. Why do these feelings of the sale of start-up companies? Star pie ( writer believes that the following:

1, hit the target consumer groups merit

here mainly to To  C products.

Of course, not to say that

2, imitate great God Jobs


Look at those ad

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