Jiamusi Municipal Committee and entrepreneurial youth talk about the future

in the process of mass innovation and entrepreneurship, young entrepreneurs with enthusiasm and vigor into the development of entrepreneurship. Government for the creation of customer attention and support, so that the majority of entrepreneurs are more confident to participate in the entrepreneurial competition to achieve development goals.

in a cafe, young entrepreneurs from around the city are colliding with the entrepreneurial dream. College students (Youth) entrepreneurial community with unlimited entrepreneurial enthusiasm, boiling this winter. Here is the province’s first by the government departments to establish, the largest, most complete service functions, the lowest threshold of entrepreneurship, the best service environment of the overall entrepreneurial service platform for college students. At present, the community in the science and technology innovative, high added value and meet the city’s industrial development of the college students (Youth) entrepreneurial projects 78, established the province’s first university students off Union, the establishment of the Jiamusi angel investment fund pool.

"I only adhere to the entrepreneurial thoughts, to see the results." I have a new direction in the entrepreneurial community, seeking a new transformation." "I used to venture in Hangzhou, is that there are good business environment, now settled in the business community, to truly experience the Jiamusi to build the best business platform for our young people, the better business environment!" Vigorous 80, 90 entrepreneurs who combine their entrepreneurial experience to talk about feelings and feelings.

"the need for policy support and help, please call us directly." Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the city finance office responsible person side to make a commitment to service, while the entrepreneurs who leave electricity recommendation

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