Smart phone market to the prepared

with the improvement of people’s living standards and the development of science and technology, the mobile phone market has been an unprecedented growth, the current trend of smart phones more focus, enter the smart phone market, lucrative.

"a new market for consumer electronics holdings reached 10%, there will be explosive growth." Gionee mobile phone chairman and President Liu Lirong recently told the "First Financial Daily" said that the number of Chinese 3G mobile phone users exceeded 100 million, accounting for the proportion of more than 10% mobile phone users. Most of the mobile phones are intelligent machines. He predicted that in 2012 China’s smart phone sales will reach 150 million, accounting for the next two or three years will rise to $50%. Channel system has long been transformed. Reporters learned from a number of mobile phone manufacturers in Shenzhen, the one or two part of the current market, the proportion of mobile phone retail terminal smartphone sales has exceeded 40%, the market has begun to have a demand for dealers in the three or four. Liu Lirong said, 2012, Jin will open 1 stores in China thousands of intelligent machines.

"domestic mobile phone industry filled with rich flavor of opportunism." G-hong communication senior vice president Gao Guiming said poetically. He said that the mobile phone product technology is mature, self innovation, the cost is low enough is the key factor China 2G mobile phone market surge conditions, has two now, only some of the high manufacturing cost, scale up once, greatly reduced space. Want to achieve great cause, the current Qualcomm, MTK and Samsung and other manufacturers of the chip program has matured, they can promote the cost of smart phones down to about 600 yuan. The three party operating system, such as dim sum program allows mobile phone manufacturers in the application layer for more innovation.

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