How to operate the dry cleaners in the community

operating shops in different places, the need to take the business strategy will be different, for the cause of the development of operators naturally have different effects. So, if the dry cleaners in the community, and how to operate it? What kind of business strategy can be taken? Here, let Xiaobian for your weapon!

more and more operators choose dry cleaners cleaners in the new residential area, cleaners must first type and location of the community to understand, to serve the residents of the community, but also consider the surrounding communities of consumer demand, to meet the needs of these people the most basic washing. So, dry cleaners in the community how to operate it?

1, to understand the basic information of the district

as much as possible in detail, these basic conditions, your investment judgment will have a very important impact. General income is too low in the residential area is not suitable for the opening of a larger scale of investment in the laundry, the convenience of affordable small dry cleaners as investment direction. The income level is relatively high, with a certain cultural level of the residents, the laundry service requirements are relatively higher, in this residential can invest some money, opened a laundry more scale.

2, after the opening of a sound customer file

content can include: telephone number, occupation, age, birthday, the date of each consumption, family, etc.. The aim is to provide better service to customers. Because, in your dry cleaners in the course of business, each customer is a very valuable wealth. For example, there are only 2000 households in the District, then you may be the customer resources of these 2000 families, lost one, then you lost an income.

3, the customer does not advocate equally

the social background of the customer, of course, to be treated differently, because more than 80% of your income may be brought about by these people. For these customers, the importance of detailed customer files in the dry cleaners is reflected! A greeting, a greeting card, and a free service on his (her) birthday will make him (her) fully moved.

4, do laundry promotion

dry cleaners can be in the door of the community publicity column position, often release some information on laundry services, can play a very good reminder. For example, the season, to remind the seasonal clothing washing. Some promotional discount laundry service, for a walk after dinner housewives will have great temptation.

in the end is the physical store, the same place of business, can be the same service brand is numerous, in this context, we only

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