What is the most profitable during the Spring Festival in 2012

when the new year comes down, do you want to start a business with a huge business opportunity? The consumer market is even bigger, tired after a year to a large shopping, many consumer psychology, but what the industry to get more customers, here we list several options for you to go and see the market!

clothing and textile is a pillar industry to provide more than 9% GDP and more than 25% of foreign exchange earnings for Chinese, Chinese textile and apparel exports accounted for 1/5 of the total world export of textile and clothing. "Buddha by gold, people rely on clothes," today’s Chinese "everybody loves beauty", so in the city apparel industry contains a huge business opportunities. Children’s clothing market as an example. According to statistics, at present, China’s 0 to 16 year old children have a year of about 380 million, children’s consumption demand in about 800 million. Authorities predict that in the next few years, China’s children’s clothing market will continue to increase by about 8% a year, is one of China’s most growing markets.

2 clothing stalls to gather a rich source, but also easy to pitch from the other peers who study experience, lessons learned. But competition is bound to exist, so the sales pressure is the biggest difficulty in the wholesale market stalls.

sold during the Spring Festival couplets,

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