What are the ways to change the selling goods

market can have a burst of money, there is a popular commodity, there will be naturally unsalable goods, how can these unmarketable goods can also be sold, which has become a lot of shopkeepers thinking. My fingers, my small supermarket has been camp to the beginning of eighth years. Look at the store every day now, business is booming, turnover is increasing, my heart filled with a thousand regrets. Remember when the store just started, the store only dairy and cigarette sales. In the future, there are occasional customers to buy daily necessities, so I will gradually increase the supply of goods in accordance with the needs of customers.

in the usual business, I found that the goods in the store ready, afraid to sell, into the purchase of less, and sometimes there will not be enough to sell. However, after a few years of experience in the store business, I summed up the business had to sell the heap hill, complete varieties. When a wide variety of goods, there will appear the phenomenon of unsalable goods, then for each season, characteristics of each product, I will usually run into some unsalable goods seller tips to share with you.

first recruit: hot weather, to consumers to create a cool meaning

in the hot summer, everyone knows that the most popular season of the year is coming. Hot weather, the best-selling non – cold drinks beer. With the fierce competition in the market, the major brands of beer, mineral water and other drinks out of competition, a wide variety of natural, some of the humble brand will be forgotten in the corner of our shop. In particular, just listed new brand, as is known to all, the new listing, if we do not recommend the retail terminal, but this is no one cares.

for these weaknesses, hot hot season, consumers need ice beer, drinks, when the goods they need without ice, natural feel unhappy, but considering the weather hot and anxious to drink ice, they don’t care what brand, as long as the ice can be the. All kinds of water and beverage, general best-selling brand I won’t put in the refrigerator display, store what kind of water date is long, or there is no water and drink what people say I put them into the refrigerator, especially when high temperature at noon every day, these drinks and water will be sold out inadvertently.

considering the summer these consumables trend quickly, I have two refrigerators in the store, on the occasion of closing the door all night that full of water every day, drink and beer, then the refrigerator at home is full of all kinds of water, the freezer into ice water with foam box packed for second days take to the store. And these seemingly unremarkable ice water level of my shop brings a lot of repeat customers.

in the front time, a customer to buy mineral water into ice, when she did not get off on the battery car, on the road outside the shop

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