Panzhihua University to promote the work of innovation and Entrepreneurship

2015, college students innovation and entrepreneurship has been an unprecedented government support, the new deal has been introduced to help students solve the various problems encountered in entrepreneurship, the direction for the young entrepreneurs.

10 29 afternoon, by the Panzhihua municipal Party Committee Organization Department of the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship to promote the work will be held at the Panzhihua University, the Minister of the Organization Department of the Municipal Committee, Xiong Wei, Secretary of the Party committee of Panzhihua University Xiao Lijun, President Huang Shuanghua attended the meeting, the Panzhihua City Bureau of education and Science Bureau, people club Bureau, the municipal Party committee and other relevant departments and the relevant departments the district is responsible for the person to attend the meeting.

it is understood that this year, to further increase the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship policy support and service efforts. 1 to September, the city’s total training innovative personnel 6912 people, issued college students entrepreneurship training subsidies 1 million 453 thousand yuan, 1 million 262 thousand yuan subsidy payment business, issuing small loans and discount 1 million 122 thousand yuan, small unsecured loans 100 thousand yuan, for a higher level of interest free unsecured unsecured business loans 5 million 485 thousand yuan, a total of 141 college students venture founded business entities, 208 college students helping.

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