Stimulate the enthusiasm of young college students to participate in Entrepreneurship Entrepreneursh

entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities has gradually attracted the attention of the community, this year, the country’s universities will comprehensively promote innovation and entrepreneurship education program. Recently, the Hefei children’s Normal College held a successful college students innovation and entrepreneurship mobilization, to explore how to support the entrepreneurial force of colleges and universities.

1 in the afternoon of 18 March 4, Hefei Kindergarten Teachers College Students’ innovative and entrepreneurial mobilization will be held at the meeting room on the eighth floor of the library. Hefei Kindergarten Teachers College vice president Wu Zhaoneng, employment guidance center director Chen Dongmei, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League school, and pine Xie Hefei kindergarten teachers college associations, key members of the part of the community attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Xie Lisong.

Chen Dongmei analysis of the contemporary college students to open shop for all the advantages of student cadres, and support and encourage people to use existing resources to own businesses to open shop. After a bit of understanding, student cadres shop operations and management issues speak freely, launched a positive discussion, aiming at the questions and suggestions put forward the student cadres, leadership, teachers have to give answers.

Hefei Preschool Education College followed national public entrepreneurship, innovation pace, will continue for the young college students set up power, build up more business platform, the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship mobilization will further enhance the Hefei Preschool Education College Students’ innovation consciousness, pointed out the situation of the new venture Internet plus Era, to encourage and support students to actively participate in the tide of the venture to.

for college student entrepreneurs, college is a cradle of their growth and learning skills, they are the last safe haven on the social front. Colleges and universities to promote innovation and entrepreneurship education, will recommend

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