QQ incarnation of the love car science and technology invention was supported by venture capital 5 m

more and more people now have private cars, for car owners, when Windows did not shut by the collision of parking where all want to know immediately, now you can remind you of the recorder through QQ, isn’t it amazing?


adorable cats

90 as they like to keep up with the trend, as they age like stand precipitation, they are 70, experienced practitioners, but also for entrepreneurs.

2013, the parent company of the Institute met with the economic crisis, began to lay off a large number of layoffs. Coupled with the concept of conflict, the 7 Freemasonry colleagues decided to venture partner, start all over again.

for love "The Smurfs" and made her name "Aziz meow" Gu Jian, 1997 graduated into a car factory for ordinary technician. 5 years later, he is a workshop supervisor, familiar with the process of programming, technical production management. After 6 years, he was employed by top enterprises in Italy a precision equipment industry in Milan: training, work less than a year, was entrusted with the task of enterprise, to develop Chinese market success China sit on the district for the position.

2009 years, he gave up a high salary, quit entrepreneurship. However, this time the venture ended in failure.

in 2009 business and Zhang Wei, he was a part-time work during the day, do business, the development of educational software recommended at night

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