Remember to join yuan hamburger details

hamburger plays an important role in food field indispensable, welcomed by the vast number of consumers. Ordinary snack cake, wrapped in lettuce meat becomes a delicious snack, bite, gravy on your finger will let you can not help but suck aftertaste. As a well-known snack brands, always remember, hamburger is loved by the majority of investors, many people have joined by yuan note on the road to riches hamburger. So we are very optimistic about the prospects for the development of Ji Yuan hamburger, can’t wait to join them, but you know it’s joining process? Today Xiaobian give you up, remember to join


yuan note hamburger franchise

1, identity "yuan note Chinese Hamburger" corporate culture, business philosophy and management system.

2, with strong learning ability.

3, entrepreneurial spirit.

4, willing to engage in service industry management.

5, willing to deal with day-to-day operations.

6, engaged in catering industry enthusiasm and toughness.

7, I am in good health.

8, no criminal record.

9, no gambling and other bad habits.

10, franchisees own personal funds in the 30-100 million or more.

, remember to join hamburger shop requirements

1, city, City store shops in the area of 100-150 square meters (the provincial capital city must be 150-200 square meters).

2, there is a normal upper and lower water pipes, sewer pipes must reach 110 (can do shit pool).

3, the provincial capital of the company unified decoration, other stores to join the style of decoration must be unified style headquarters to carry out the decoration.

4, capacitor voltage can be increased to 60-100 kw.

, remember hamburger franchise flow

1. message officially joined the call, call to mind the company to join yuan hamburger consulting matters, by the company to explain the franchise matters, determine whether to join. < >

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