Hanzhoung’s most beautiful young entrepreneurs Wang Yuanhui

Very much,

this year pengci people, more and more people are afraid to do good. And heal the sick is the traditional virtue of the Chinese people, for this phenomenon, Chinese what should I do?

3 20 afternoon, the sun in Ningqiang County of Shaanxi province highway daijiaba road traffic accident, Dai Jia Ba Zhen Qi Yihui, a middle-aged man riding a motorcycle on his way home, accidentally hit a car parked on the roadside Dongfeng van, the man was knocked back, badly hurt, blood DC, the villagers and the passing vehicles have the crowd, but do not know the man and the fear of being "error" for the perpetrators, no one dare to help, the man has been out lying on the edge of the road, dying.

Dai Jia Ba Zhen young entrepreneurs Wang Yuanhui



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