Metamorphosis fries of highlights of entrepreneurs to join is not easy to create dreams

today, with the development of globalization, people love to eat Western delicacy, a French fries in the market caused a delicacy in the fashion trend, various brands of French fries, metamorphosis fries excellent flavor, has won many people’s favorite, metamorphosis fries joined Unlimited Business Opportunities, along with the people for abnormal fries to deepen understanding, many businesses want to open a metamorphosis fries stores.

join process:

1, first of all, the two sides of the cognitive, we ask you to agree with the value of abnormal potatoes, willing to obey the management of abnormal potatoes. In the above conditions, you can come to visit the headquarters, taste products, understand the company’s relevant qualifications, understand the contents of the contract, the satisfaction of both parties, signed a contract to join "book", such as the franchisee did not find a suitable shop, the headquarters will help you continue to search for suitable premises.


2, the establishment of shops, construction work began, the headquarters for you first planning of the shops, according to the size of the shops, the environment, business volume is expected in the future, with the corresponding equipment and the opening of the required raw materials, tailored a decoration drawings, according to your plan provided by the headquarters decoration shop.

3, in the decoration of the shop at the same time, you need to contact with the company planning department, communication business promotion plan, determine the price, the price card box design and indoor and outdoor advertising; contact with the pipe center, you need to determine which items from purchasing, delivery time, contact with the training center, is determined to come to the company training still, require the company to arrange the technician on-site training, on-site training, technicians need to open in the place two days ago, in the decoration process, but also do not understand, please contact the headquarters.

4, two days before the opening of the company since all the raw materials procurement, in their own local purchase of raw materials, must be in place, debugging equipment intact, with their own ability to design the business plan, in the two days before the opening of promotional advertising alone, conditional customers can find professional etiquette planning scheme in the local business to hit a sensational effect.

join conditions:

1, more than 18 years of age, good debt, both men and women can be.

2, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, have a certain business background and experience, identification with company management.

3, potatoes and more understanding of French fries, identification with company business philosophy.

4, with a certain amount of financial strength, access to legitimate funds, have good financial credit, do not engage in illegal or corrupt social morality activities.

5, any investment has a risk, the investment risks and benefits are correct

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