Guangzhou science and technology exchange will be held next week

Guangzhou is one of China’s earliest opening to the outside world, very innovative spirit. Next week will be held in Guangzhou, overseas talent to return to business, then you can not miss such a feast.

exhibited nearly 200 cutting-edge technology project

In order to meet the needs of the majority of exhibitors

in the exhibition of achievements, achievements of high-tech products brilliant, will showcase cutting-edge technology projects nearly 200 people plan experts and overseas high-level talents, more than 80 products. If the pupil core -3D  vision processor, super robot, four-dimensional data sterilization biotechnology information system, Nanosprings health care shoes, precision reducer, CNC machine tools, industrial robots and other high-tech achievements project will debut.

This year’s

illustrious participants of talent;

left Fair Organizing Committee said that in the current OCS overseas talent has great influence in their respective fields, such as cryptography and information security experts and leaders led by experts, Louisiana College professor Yan Songyuan, major research project of the U.S. space agency NASA fund more research is recommended

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