Economy class only 1 passengers enjoy charter feeling

take the economy class but can enjoy charter treatment, this situation really happened, from Wuhan to Guangzhou on the passenger economy class only 1 passengers, the female passenger in micro-blog out of their own luxury charter trip.

2 1 July morning, Ms. Zhang aboard Airlines flight CZ2833 to fly from Wuhan to Guangzhou, only one person on the plane, "I am one of the passengers and crew members!! is there a sense of nouveau riche!" because the Spring Festival overtime and pre flight delays, most passengers have to change other flights only she. Airline stewardess for her photography, pilots also share orange.

netizen said: "the thought will cancel the flight or even fly, the sense of nouveau riche wood!" there are users that this is a typical effect Wuhan Guangzhou high-speed railway impact on aviation.

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