China’s top ten brands list

apparel market because of the different occasions, there will be a different dress needs, and for a variety of formal occasions, the suit is a natural choice. Suit from abroad, China’s performance than the Western business has a higher enthusiasm, wearing a suit and tie gradually become a fashion, the market is a large number of suit brands, then what brand suits it? China’s top ten brands list has a certain reference value, the quality and style are the industry leader, can become the choice of consumers.

China’s top ten brands list NO.1, YOUNGOR (YOUNGOR) has become a well-known brand of Chinese men’s clothing. 2007, the world brand lab released 500 China’s most valuable brand list of the year 2006". YOUNGOR’s brand value of 9 billion 181 million yuan ranked the top 500 of the top fifty-second, becoming the most expensive brand in Ningbo, is also the first national textile and apparel brand

China suit ten brand list, NO.2 (Mongolia Romon group was founded in 1984, is a design, production and sales of high-end suits, shirts and a series of apparel industry, real estate development, international trade for the two wings of the modernization of large-scale joint-stock enterprise group. Existing high-quality staff more than 10000 yuan, 5 billion yuan in fixed assets

China suit ten brand list NO.3, Shanshan FIRS (leader of Shanshan Zheng Yonggang enterprises, is the capital as the link to large enterprise clusters. Founded in 1989, after 20 years of development, has been formed in the country across the region, across the industry, the 102 furniture has an independent legal personality of the subordinate enterprises

China suit ten brand list, NO.4 · (the groom; chinour sinoer Limited by Share Ltd is a focus on high-end suits, shirts and clothing product development, manufacturing and sales enterprises. The company’s main business is the design, production and sale of suits, shirts and other apparel products. The company is committed to become an internationally renowned brand of men’s clothing enterprises, to provide consumers with a full range of services and consumer experience

China suit ten brand list, Angelo NO.5 (Zhejiang joybird dress Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 2001, the registered capital of 598 million 815 thousand and 328 yuan, mainly engaged in suits, shirts, T-shirts and other series of men’s apparel product design, production and sales. The main brand "Angelo" adhere to the development path of domestic high-end men’s boutique, the first in China to introduce Monopoly chain franchise sales model).

China’s top ten brands list NO.6, Goldlion Goldlion (Goldlion, men’s world). Originated in Hongkong, starting from the tie hard, unremitting pursuit of 30.

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