2016 catering business how to grasp the opportunity

the rapid development of the Internet economy and widely used in various fields, for the traditional food and beverage industry, it is a good time, but also the worst of times. So, for catering entrepreneurs, in 2016, what can be found in the restaurant business opportunities?

first, in the Internet, especially the mobile Internet era approaching, the cost of food and beverage brand building becomes smaller. You see, the traditional industrial era, a brand, a company from scratch, from small to large, often need to build after ten years, decades, whether it is the world’s top 500 enterprises and domestic well-known brands, to go through such a long process of growth, but, in the Internet era, from abroad Google, Facebook, and then to the domestic Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, millet, 360 and other Internet Co, and the recent rapid development of drops of travel, is in 10 years or even shorter rise time.

food and beverage industry is no exception, the traditional domestic food 100 most experienced more than 20 years, 30 years of development and accumulation, however, a famous Internet restaurant catering brand labels like Huang Taiji, God carved sirloin, all Hunan, using low cost propagation characteristics of the mobile Internet era, is in almost zero advertising the budget conditions, with 2-3 years of time, quickly create a famous brand of food.

and the traditional way to build a brand often need to invest a huge amount of advertising communication budget requirements, compared with the current construction of food and beverage brands and the lowest cost of the spread of the bonus period. In order to make full use of the bonus period, need to have a profound insight into the thinking of the Internet, the mobile Internet community construction, network marketing micro propagation characteristics, make good use of network viral self propagating characteristics have attract customers to participate in the construction, participate in interactive ability.

second, long trapped in the restaurant industry and other three high phenomenon in the mobile Internet era, the popularity of smart phones, is expected to fundamentally improve the structure and so on. For the food and beverage industry, the cost of rent, labor costs, raw material costs continue to rise, so that the food and beverage industry is now the ultimate cause of profits from the industry’s profits fell to thin paper. With the development of society and the improvement of people’s income level, the level of rent, especially the artificial wage level, is a rigid trend, which is unlikely to change in the short term.

in such a trend, in order to cope with the rising rent, the rent to improve the floor effect, the trend of small restaurant stores, takeaway restaurant business development group, catering light stores, factory stores (rely entirely on takeaway business model) will become increasingly common; and in order to cope with the low labor cost continuously to rise, the clatter of cafeteria as the representative of the Internet system, namely, the cashier no lobby attendant no restaurant model will be more and more should be recommended

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