10 entrepreneurs should not have mentality

also did their first career, playing drums, the final investment is just like this, may settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, will never be able to make a career. Xiao Bian for this situation, finishing the 10 entrepreneurs should not have the mentality, I hope to be helpful to your business!

data show 50% businesses fail within 5 years, many of the survivors finally also failed. If you don’t want to be one, consider other ways, especially if you have one of the following:

1, "I’m tired of working hard all the time." Entrepreneurship is more tiring than finding a job. You need to think about it. Health and personal problems don’t go away.

2, "this is my hobby, so why not take it as a career?" the problem is that most hobbies are money rather than money. You love to do one thing does not mean that someone loves to pay.

3, "I’m desperate because I can’t find the right job." It’s hard to find a job now, but don’t forget the high rate of business decline. Desperate people will not succeed, he does not have the resources and perseverance.

4, "my family is a commercial family, so I have genetic talent." Successful entrepreneurs seem to have an innate talent, but it’s not clear whether they can pass it on to their offspring.

5, I inherited some money, entrepreneurship is a good investment." Entrepreneurship can not have no capital, but capital does not mean to start a business. Tuition is expensive and dangerous. It’s better to invest money in the hands of an experienced person, or simply in a bank.

6, "I have free time, I need extra income." Entrepreneurship is not a part-time job. Entrepreneurship is an extra expense rather than an additional income. Want to make money or find a part-time job.

7, "I hate being a clerk, being a boss." Don’t start because you want power. Customers, suppliers, sponsors, partners, and many people will be your new boss". These people may be more difficult to deal with than their current bosses.

8, "my friends have a hot industry, seems to do a good job." Don’t believe the hearsay. Don’t rush into the industry you don’t understand. Your best friend may have had a lot of hard work before he succeeds.

9, "I want to be rich, so I want to start a business." Holding the dream of becoming rich will certainly be disappointed. Entrepreneurship is not necessarily more profitable than other occupations. It is certain that venture capital is more risky.

10, "my primary goal is to contribute to society." This is commendable, but it will be more valuable after your success. If you want to change the world without considering the money, the construction company will wear you down.

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