Chen and his oil painting project

if only the general oil painting work, it is certainly not here to get publicity, because of particularity, so it looks more features, but also the particularity of Chen Moran that has succeeded in doing, has now become a celebrity entrepreneurs!

2009 in December 22nd, the second Wuhan science and Technology Entrepreneurship Challenge came to an end, the 23 year old Chen silence and his "God of painting" project won the best project award in the end of the year. Chen Moran graduated from Wuhan University of Technology, after graduating from the media, to give up a monthly salary of 3000 yuan to start the business.

The entrance of

can come into contact with this venture, Chen Moran thanked his partner, 41 year old Wang Chengtan. Wang Chengtan’s classmate, Zhu Songchun, teaches at the University of California. In 2007, he developed a set of digital art production system, allowing oil paintings to retain the composition of the picture, the charm of the characters, texture and hand-painted oil painting is very close. Zhu Songchun set up a company in Wuhan, invited the old classmate Wang Chengtan as general manager to promote this technology.

2008 at the beginning, Wang Chengtan in the newspaper to see the relevant departments of statistics, Wuhan has 100 thousand sets of wedding photography every year, the annual output value of about 1 billion 200 million yuan. This set of numbers so that Wang Chengtan found the direction, if the wedding will be made into oil painting, will be more personalized. He decided to promote the product through the city’s wedding photo studio. In the meantime, the met is receiving training Chen Moran photography studio, the two hit it off.

Studio on customer price is very high, a 36 inch painting offer up to 2000 to 3000 yuan, and finally to their profit is very low, making a picture can only earn tens of dollars. Through a year of trying, Chen Moran and Wang Chengtan reached a consensus on the wedding photography shop to promote products, market awareness is too slow, we must open their own store, and the store opened, only a single project, this painting is not enough.

in March last year, the China Division Street Culture Street, two people partnership together about 100000, rented a hundred square meters of street shops, opened a company called "920 god dream factory" shop, "92>

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