2012 most promising green environmental Entrepreneurship Program

with the constant deepening of the concept of green environmental protection, continue to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the future of the society is bound to the development of green environmental protection to the progressive development of green society! 2012 what are the most potential green business projects? May wish to take a look at!

2012, the most promising green environmental protection project, environmental protection investment project,

knowledge required: graphic design, communication, media;

start time: about half a year;

special challenges: beware of "pseudo environmental advertising"

the banner of environmental protection will make you immediately become an independent school in the enterprise, a competitive difficult economic environment. Start with small projects, gradually demonstrate your ability to explain the benefits of environmental improvement. Of course, word of mouth is the key.

2012 the most potential green environmental entrepreneurship project – environmental protection investment projects of the transformation of the green house

knowledge required for construction, renovation, interior design and sustainable development of materials;

Start time:


: special challenges for environmental protection construction and decoration prejudice;

with the popularity of green building, housing reform has also embarked on the road of environmental protection. The key is to help homeowners improve energy efficiency, but people also want the house looks more beautiful and can avoid the negative impact of many building materials on the environment. Visual effect, cost, time and reliability are the important factors of housing renovation. The transformation of green houses also need to consider the various building decoration materials production process, the source and the impact on the health of the occupants.

> with the concept of environmental protection

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