After 85 sushi sister business

"covered with a layer of Steamed Rice laver, and put on the cucumber, radish and other dishes, sprinkle with dried meat floss, salad, and then rolled into a tube, and then cut into sections." You must be very familiar with this is the most popular snack – Japanese sushi. Two in, in the center of Jiangyin, Shen Na was born in 1986, opened a "fresh directory of Japanese fast food restaurants," more than two years of operation, business has been booming.

for hotel work to accumulate their experience

"sushi" create new styles to open a

has accumulated some experience in the hotel management, she did not stop, but toward their own goals to stride forward, "the consideration of investment projects". Shen Na found that the Jiangyin steak shop, restaurant city flower, cake shop is to open a fire, tea stores filled the city even go to low price high streets and back lanes, route Hot and Sour Rice Noodles Malatang, also greatly diners sought after.

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