Adult comic bar into the first choice at home

if you do not go out, at home on the easy to build a wealth of business, which is the dream of countless entrepreneurs, but the reality is a lot of cruel test. In fact, as long as the project is a good choice, at home, you can really create a great cause, adult comics bar is a good choice! Below, the small series to introduce an example!

I to book a stroll, found in the adult comic book market purchasing power is very strong. "The professor" series, Cai Zhizhong Tony Wong’s comic book series, "Jin Yong’s comic book series" and "Ding Cong comic series" and Zhu Deyong’s "girl", "Shibuya cannons", "double CITY" series of works such as vinegar, many adults have love.

see these, I am very excited, love comic adult seldom has to provide a large number of too many to count, suitable for adult cartoon places. I heard that the adult comic book next to the Fudan University in Shanghai was very hot, and I was planning to open an adult comic book.

In fact,

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