Love to talk to customers how to deal with the whole

each person’s personality is different, in many ways will have different performance. Among them, the shopping market will naturally have a very big difference in performance. So, the customer into the shop without a word, how can both close to the customer, and can communicate with the customer and not to the customer pressure?

reception, do not say that

in accordance with the management of terminal stores, customers in the door, the guide should immediately receive. However, in general, the shopping guide in the reception of customers, often said, "welcome, what do you need?" "This is the * * area, I would like to ask you what to buy the price of the product?" "You have a look at our products, is now being discounted promotions"……

in the face of such a warm reception reception, usually the customer replied: "nothing, I first look at the casual." Or pretend not to hear, because the customer in the shop, may just turn around, there is a suitable target will be purchased.

before they found the right target, the shopping guide directly involved in the scope of the customer’s thinking, came forward to sell their products, more likely to cause the customer’s heart rejection, thus increasing the difficulty of sales. Therefore, in the face of bad words of the customer, these words had better say less.

give the customer 15 seconds of freedom, give yourself 15 seconds to think

if the customer into the store, the shopping guide will come forward to talk directly with the customer, the customer is bound to cause tension and pressure, it is best to give customers a 15 second time. During this time, the Purchasing Guide to maintain a certain distance with the customer, careful observation and analysis of customer expression, action, once found that customers have been staring at something to watch, or touching, very curious or very love, you need to guide in a timely manner in front of customers, to start a conversation with the customer, and prepare for further sales.

to do so, it does not appear to be more casual shopping guide, but also to give customers some free, no pressure selection time. At the same time, in the next conversation with the customer, the guide can be targeted to guide, so that the transaction more smoothly.

said that if the customer satisfied, but to grasp the degree of

when talking to customers for the first time, it’s very important to know what to say. Well, you can make the customer happy, so as to help sales; say bad, it will affect the interests of customers, to create pressure on customers, reduce customer desire to buy.

of course, if you want to impress the heart of the customer, let it have a desire to understand, you can say: "your eyes are good, a glance at our new listing"

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