Dalian port is facing upgrade

Dalian as a coastal city, the port has become an important transportation hub, providing high-quality resources for Dalian, led the development of Dalian. In 2016, Dalian Port cargo throughput reached 4.37 tons, becoming the container, petroleum, food, minerals, commodity vehicles, passenger and freight transport of the important international hub port.


13th Five-Year" period, the task of upgrading Dalian port transformation mainly include nine aspects:

in the field of freight transport, focusing on the container, cold chain, car and other professional logistics business, improve the level of port transport services. Expand the port’s bonded, circulation processing, trade and other service functions.

in the field of passenger transport, focusing on the promotion of land island transportation, cross strait transport and cruise industry development, foster new port transportation growth. Enhance the port city function, the implementation of differentiation strategy, and actively promote the city, port, port industry integration development, the development of modern port services.

continue to adapt to the new situation and new characteristics of economic development in the hinterland of Dalian Port port development, port layout optimization, improve the shoreline use efficiency, enhance the waterfront public service function, promote the coordinated development of city space.

continue to adapt to the Dalian national integrated transport hub, improve rail sea intermodal transportation system, comprehensive traffic information system integration, establish interconnection sharing mechanism, improve the modernization level of Dalian city comprehensive transportation corridor, reasonable planning and layout of Dalian inland water port, port to enhance hinterland economic attraction, radiation and service ability.

want to improve the economic development of Dalian, need to form their own development advantages, and constantly deepen reform. Upgrading and development through transformation, to further improve the quality and efficiency of the port city of Dalian, and the level of service, improve the port market mechanism, to adapt to China’s economic development in the new norm, realize healthy and sustainable development for building a well-off society and realize the transformation of social economy development in Dalian city to provide strong support and protection.

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