The restaurant to increase repeat

the number of repeat customers, which will directly affect the development of a store business. So, if you want to run a hot shop, naturally also need to create more repeat customers shop. So, how to add back to the restaurant? Let Xiaobian to introduce some tips for you.

, a good "repeat" to "treat the head back to the guest".

consumers in restaurants, both may be the "first off, there may be a repeat". To occupy the market, to attract the first guest ";" repeat "is to" first started, there is no "guest" and guest ", it is not" repeat "; but" and not be "off" repeat".

two, the use of extraordinary service to meet customer needs.

"exceptional service" has a certain degree of flexibility and creativity. Guests are spending money to buy services, consumers are eager to enjoy their own psychological needs in the restaurant, which is a kind of economic psychological performance.

by the "single service" into "double service", not only to the high quality "service function", but also to the quality of "psychological service" to win customers’ satisfaction, and the psychological importance of service, will be growing.

(1) "shrimp and crab shell" is the normal service, but if customers really need, and can make the guest truly satisfied, then why not good; but to know the guest’s mind, before the opening service to guests, providing guests with high quality "psychological y embodies the" service ";" the spirit of helping others.

(2) for the "production" of a relaxed and happy mood, to provide customers with quality "psychological services". Guests relaxed and happy mood and good memories, is our "product"; y embodies the "dedication" spirit.

three, how to provide convenience, and the market in the convenience of.

"convenience" is a huge market, only through this market in order to open source. In the dining, dining guests pay attention to dynamic, timely capture of the guest’s body language, namely the guest demand information, keen to discover the guest small action, provide customer service timely, convenient guest normal meal.

such as: to help customers pack, take hot and cold towels, to provide lighters, parking car wash, buy film, buy a birthday cake, buy emergency medicine, providing cigarette sales services, etc..

four, people like to associate with people who are familiar with.


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