What is cloud taste Museum franchise

Yunnan is not only the charm of our city, but also a food capital. Here is a delicious Yunnan bridge noodle. The cloud is the famous museum of Yunnan bridge across the street.

cloud flavor Pavilion can join it?

cloud taste pavilion bridge rice noodle shop in Shenzhen settled, cloud flavor Museum also naturally formed in Shenzhen as the center and then outward expansion pattern. Now the cloud taste Museum has more than and 50 stores, is expected in 2017 on the stronghold of Shenzhen can reach 100 stores in the cloud! Taste museum founder Chi Huantao (brother noodle brand expanding Empire), he said that the future plan is to Shenzhen as a breaking point, the Pearl River Delta expansion at the same time, also will enter Beijing, Shanghai etc. metropolises, hope to open 1000 stores in 5 years! We wait and see


At the beginning of the concept of "

brand" is the "original ecological ethnic catering" for the purpose of absorbing the essence of Yunnan bridge vermicelli, to create their own characteristics of the original ecological restaurant in Yunnan. So we are currently seeing the cloud taste of the bridge across the street shop, are unique petty bourgeoisie sentiment. The style of the restaurant art RETRO, like customers into the store to a cafe, calm down and let the person’s mood unconsciously, to taste the rice noodle delicious


cloud Pavilion Bridge noodle soup taste exquisite, most raw materials are from Yunnan Dali, in order to ensure the bridge noodle taste Museum cloud operating characteristics as well as traditional delicious heritage, in a beginning from the birthplace of Yunnan Yunnan bridge noodle Mengzi County hired a local famous chef served as the company’s development director. Take the rice noodle essence ingredients, supplemented by the secret, they formed a taste of delicious cheap now, phase dip of the bridge noodle soup taste delicious delicacy! Cloud Pavilion, smooth noodle, good collocation, warm taste, so that consumers can always eat what is love


cloud taste of the bridge across the bridge noodle for the national investment, join the conditions are as follows:

1. applicant is an independent legal personality of the business, or this is the owner of the business, with the "cloud flavor Pavilion" trademark, product, business philosophy and corporate culture.

2. some people management experience in related fields, have a strong sense of professionalism, willing to "Cloud Bridge noodle taste Museum" as a career to do, have a good sense of service and brand awareness, humbly accept the views of the headquarters to recommend.

3. franchisee must have a certain amount of funds, fixed places, personnel, or have superior property conditions.

4. applicants must be good to have a certain local contacts and resources to prepare for a rainy day.


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