Yunnan to introduce high level talents

a city to enhance their competitive strength, to accelerate the development of city economy, vigorously support cannot do without talents, institutional obstacles to get rid of the shackles of Yunnan talent development, development management and service "more flexible and efficient Easy Access, clear principles of high-level talents, the scope and conditions of direct hire and procedures, to achieve a" no seniority, not only the title of "the introduction of high-level personnel, high level personnel establish the personnel relationship and establish a new channel for employment policy, convenient and efficient.

high level talents including academician, academician China Academy of Sciences Chinese Academy of engineering; national young experts with outstanding contributions; the national outstanding professional and technical personnel; personnel enjoy the special allowance of the State Council; the national people plan winners; the national people plan winners; national candidate Talents Project ";" the Yangtze River scholars "; national propaganda and cultural system group of four talent; winner of National Outstanding Youth Science foundation.

provincial and ministerial level talent selection and the corresponding level, access to the national top 3 individual awards. In the relevant field of the industry has a deep professional attainments of top-notch talent and skilled high skilled personnel. High level personnel recruitment by the establishment of high-level personnel Accreditation Committee, organization review, publicity, approval, employment and other five steps.

Yunnan how to introduce high-level talent? Through the above introduction, we can see that, in order to promote the development of the local economy, Yunnan will be more fair and open in the way of recruitment! According to the Yunnan Provincial Office of human resources, high level talents directly employed is divided into two levels, one is the direct employment of high level talents and establish the personnel relationship with the employer, the innovation of public recruitment, by the Yunnan Provincial Office of human resources for high level talents employment procedures. Two is the direct employment, namely in the premise of a vacancy under not only the title and degree, can break through the post setting of the basic conditions and procedures, identified by the unit assessment report institutions personnel management department for approval directly after the appointment to the corresponding position.

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