A street vendor selling hats also need characteristic


said "feature" has now become the business community are stressed in the whole thing, however, many people tend to understand some of the big business, small vendors are easily overlooked. As a matter of fact, even if it is a stall to do business, because of the fierce competition, if you want a good business, also need to have characteristics.

Wang is Hatting Factory tailor, at the farmers market to rent a booth selling hats. Wang worked for more than and 20 years in this line, style, color, fabric, size, can say price quotes are a closely reasoned and well argued, know pretty close.

said, but Wang is a business with a small capital, afraid of a sudden hat in too many goods, but the hat style a lot, what customers have chosen. Hat stand opened, colorful hat was so left a pendulum Wang, right hanging, really cool eyes, attracted a lot of customers. The old customer is practical, there are beautiful young customers, there are specialized for the baby to prepare children cap. Good things, customers buy Shuxin, good business.

business is good, money, others will naturally do, this is the law of the market. Not far away from Pharaoh’s booth, there is a hat stand. Two in a market, the competition began, and sometimes vicious. The new vendors often in the vicinity of the Pharaoh’s hat to see the variety of hats, which sell fast, good price. See he did not, he hastened replenishment, and deliberately down the price, make no money at all. He has the Lao Wang does not have, he raises the price, sells lacks. And he also often in front of the customer to say something is not good.

at the beginning, Wang can follow the price as it cannot be helped, and replenishment, customer is saved a part, but often is naught, income is very small. A long time, Lao Wang’s business is affected. So Pharaoh on pondering, how can we avoid the price war, let the other party do? Only their hats are different from those of others! Cap wholesale can be a place where everyone in the purchase, it is difficult to new. Lao Wang suddenly thought, he is not a tailor? Why not do it yourself?

customers in the agricultural market is limited, the number of demand for each hat but more than a dozen or so, from the wholesale market into the goods, Lao Wang hand to deal with the . And the style of the hat is so few, renovation is not fast, so Pharaoh decided to make a fuss about the color. Hat has another advantage, hat less material, don’t need large pieces of cloth cloth, as long as you can, so the cost is down.

and Wang often to head the market for inspiration. With many years of experience, Wang Ying eye, a few dollars can buy beautiful and cheap cloth, and so he cut cut cut, became a top new hat. As a result, the same style, different colors, the customer’s choice of room at once

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