Shop management knowledge

shop business is not an easy task, there is too much knowledge we need to learn, if you want to own a retail business to do, but also need to continue learning, so that they can master more shops operating skills. In short, the store business knowledge, is a continuous learning process, but also need a lot of operators.

these days and a family friend on the subject of retail management experience, friends act in a diametrically opposite way business methods aroused my thinking, the friend said, he has been in the management process, the board face, indifferent to the customer, he said, be neither hot nor cold, if you tell him the enthusiasm, he thought you are the stuff of smuggled goods, cheat him like money, business is an onion, with his love to buy. His business is better than yours.

people are following a warm, courteous and business Friendliness is conducive to business success., mode of operation, but the traditional mode of friends and be quite different, far, but he still received a profit, so you have to go to a fancy.

tried to figure out, I found the clue. In fact, the management of the main stress is the three important points of genuine goods at a fair price, the good faith management and convenient and affordable, with a saying that business is like a tree, while the main branches of the three point is the tree above, as "counter not language to do with the" smile "customer service, sales manager the first" warm hospitality, these manners are the tree branches, with the necessary, but it is not an important part of cultivating good intentions, these main branches, is the most important.

think carey as we these retail vendors sometimes go to buy something, do not love others around on each other too warm, but it will produce reverse psychology, also thought others are unsalable goods, or is defective, or is this something big profits so enthusiastic, eager to secure the customers may also. These adverse psychology will cause more loss of tourists and not help.

my friend said, you take the initiative and talk to her, he is against you, think you should earn his money, you indifferent to him, he also thought that you do not want to do this business, you don’t think what profit, so to his attitude is not good, so go back a pondering, think your price is right, he will come back to buy, but also a lot of quantity.

retail business is now extremely competitive, want to run such a business, you need to do the relevant work in place. Therefore, the cultivation of a moderate price, to ensure quality, integrity hospitality this "tree" of the main branches, you have a necessary condition for success. Kan business topics, the way to understand the business, earn money should be earned, is what we should do retail households.

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