Central sunshine levy to benefit more people

this year to sunshine levy, according to the principle of expropriation of state-owned land for housing levy, so that the city area involved in the area of a large number of households have been a lot of benefits. It is reported that people in the area recognized and actively cooperate, this year the City District Shen Zhai area transformation, two strokes road duantoulu up other projects within the scope of state-owned land on the housing levy work carried out smoothly, as of now, the region has completed 668 thousand square meters, complete the objectives and tasks of 106%.
this area housing levy target of 627 thousand and 900 square meters, of which residential building, Nanchuan road primary school renovation project, levied on households 20 (sets), collection of about 1180 square meters, the current collection work has been completed; perfume springs restoration project site, the collection scope of East West Economic Commission and members of their families, families of the textile department No. 1 North to 71 South Road, perfume springs wall, the housing levy of 12 thousand and 300 square meters, has 12 thousand and 100 square meters of housing levy two; Zhao Lu duantoulu up project, North Riverside Road, South Road 71, the total length of 591 meters, 4420 square metres of housing levy range, now the housing levy 3190 square m, rest under negotiation; Beijing Tibet national highway (city section) for new projects, involving the south mountain area of unitary construction influence 96 villagers resettlement work, has completed the signing of face Area of 194 thousand and 500 square meters; Shen Zhai area renovation area east Nanchuan River, South Xiangtang village, West to the Western Hills, north to Fu Lu Xiang, the housing levy of 450 thousand square meters, has been completed. It is reported that

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