Huangyuan became the new income farmers planted in Greenhouse in winter magic

a quarter of the production to multi season production, a quarter of the income increase to the four seasons. Huangyuan County, the greenhouse planting has become a new "magic weapon" in increasing farmers’ income, accelerating the pace of farmers to get rich.

shujiu winter, cold winter slack, greenhouse in Huangyuan Shen Xiang Yao Zhuang Cun, vegetable growers in the history of the star is green and thick, vibrant. In order to ensure the better growth of vegetables in winter, so that people eat fresh vegetables, star Gago, thickening of the greenhouse wall, but also put the heat preservation quilt and reflective film. From the current growth point of view, where the vegetables are expected to be listed before the Spring Festival, is expected to reach 30000 yuan per shed income.

in recent years, Huangyuan county to promote agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income as the goal, in the light of its general trend, to encourage and support the development of agriculture, vigorously promote planting new varieties of new technology, to achieve an annual production season to season production, change a quarter income increase to four, and effectively improve the quality and level of local security the market supply of vegetables and agricultural products, accelerate the pace of farmers to get rich. At present, the winter planting winter greenhouse greenhouse pollution-free season vegetables reached 600, farmers planted peppers, celery, tomatoes and other vegetables in the shed, shed the breakthrough average revenue per million yuan, to become the new farmers to get rich. (author: Han Yongsheng yuan Yuhong)

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