Ministry of civil affairs and the Ministry of cooperation in Qinghai Province jointly held a joint m

9 8, 2009, the Ministry of civil affairs and the Ministry of Finance in Xining province held a joint meeting of the Ministry of deepening cooperation in Qinghai Province, conscientiously study and implement the general secretary of the important speech to inspect the spirit of Qinghai, the study discussed the deepening of cooperation between the Ministry of. Minister of civil affairs Li Liguo attended and spoke, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng presided over and spoke, governor Hao Peng speech, vice governor Kuang Yong report on the work of the province’s civil affairs.

Li Liguo in his speech on the achievements of the development of Qinghai’s civil affairs has been fully affirmed. He pointed out that Qinghai province plays an important role in the prosperity and stability in the overall work of the national and ethnic minority areas, the provincial government and the economic and social development, the civil affairs work in an important position, the system assumes, be enthusiastic and press on civil affairs work made new, achievements, create valuable experience for the development of civil affairs in Western less developed areas and in ethnic minority areas. "13th Five-Year" period, the work is facing a series of new situation and new tasks and new requirements, as a plateau in the ethnic areas, regions, areas and underdeveloped provinces, Qinghai is facing a major task to win the war, poverty alleviation and the national synchronized into the comprehensive well-off society, and shoulder maintain social stability in Tibet and long period of stability in politics responsibility to follow the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, implement the five development ideas, better play the role of civil affairs in the protection of people’s livelihood and out of poverty alleviation in the. At the same time, grasp the special requirements of the ethnic minority areas of social governance and profound understanding, implement and improve the leadership of the party organization of the grass-roots autonomy mechanism, promote the healthy and orderly development of social organization and play an active role, strengthen community autonomy and service function, the gradual development of professional social work services, to play a "three agency linkage" efforts to promote social harmony and national unity. In the basic livelihood guarantee pay more attention to the accuracy of security management system; in the innovation society pay more attention to social autonomy and service function; strengthen the construction of public service facilities in the district pay more attention to strengthen the scientific planning and management services; pay more attention to in the implementation of related policies and measures in the construction of grassroots civil capacity.

Wang Guosheng in his speech on behalf of the provincial government, the Ministry of civil affairs for a long time to help support the development of Qinghai, especially in Yushu earthquake relief and reconstruction of care and support to express my heartfelt thanks. He pointed out that not long ago, general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai to guide the work, made it clear that four solid major requirements for the future direction of Qinghai, provides the following. We should focus on the practice to implement the general secretary of the "to protect and improve people’s livelihood, strengthen social governance" major requirements, to protect and improve people’s livelihood in a more important position in the joint meeting for a new opportunity to further deepen pragmatic cooperation, Ministry, expand areas of cooperation and strengthen cooperation in key areas to build a space. Qinghai civil affairs, work together to promote the innovation and development to catch up with the carry, especially the work of Qinghai civil affairs work better, to make Qinghai the people’s livelihood in the forefront.

Hao Peng said in his speech, to protect and improve people’s livelihood is a global impact of the work of Qinghai, we will thoroughly study and implement the important series of general secretary Xi Jinping;

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