Five no food regulatory focus

From the beginning of June 15th, launched 2015 circulation consumption of agricultural and pastoral areas of food safety supervision and special rectification work in our province, in the markets, the fresh food workshops and food stalls, a small grocery store as the key places in flour products, spices, pickled products such as people’s daily consumption of staple food, "spicy" children instant food and yogurt, Chinese wolfberry, yellow mushroom and other local folk food as the key focus on food, no manufacturer, no production date, shelf life, no food production license, no food label "five no" food, and the sale of counterfeit infringement, expired bad, no legitimate source of problems such as food rectification work.

the provincial food and Drug Administration jointly with the provincial food safety office issued the relevant implementation plan, and Industrial and Commercial Bureau formulation, the deployment of the rectification work. Among them, from the pre packaged food, bulk food, nude food market operators and other aspects of environmental health establishments, focusing on Regulating Agricultural and pastoral areas of circulation and consumption sectors of food operators and small industry operators, food raw materials, food additives and food related products purchase inspection records, certificate and invoice, additive publicity system etc.. Strictly to the food market in agricultural and pastoral areas of the main access, thorough investigation of agricultural and pastoral areas of food business license conditions, strict supervision of food business operators to fulfill the statutory responsibilities and obligations, supervision of food operators to establish self inspection system, improvement of agricultural and pastoral areas of schools and the surrounding food business, carried out the attack on counterfeit food illegal campaigns, to carry out day-to-day supervision of food safety in agricultural and pastoral areas and the special rectification work.  

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