43 departments jointly signed a memorandum of cooperation and coordination of the joint venture in Q

Led by the provincial development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, the provincial civilization office and other 43 departments jointly signed the "credit enterprise of Qinghai Province supervision and coordination of Joint Disciplinary cooperation memorandum" (hereinafter referred to as the "memorandum"), recently issued and implemented.

signed "memorandum" is an important measure to implement the decisions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the deployment of the specific means, is to accelerate the construction of social credit system, the establishment of one of the major achievements and improve inter departmental joint dishonesty disciplinary mechanism, but also in decentralization, promoting the reform of commercial system, relax market access conditions, to promote public entrepreneurship peoples, under the background of constructing the new innovation, market supervision system in good faith as the core, strengthen supervision, maintain a beneficial attempt and system innovation of fair market competition order.

"memorandum" mainly includes five aspects: one is to determine the scope of the Joint Disciplinary Supervision and coordination. The object of joint discipline is violates the market competition rules and the principle of honesty and credit, violations of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, selling fake goods, not to fulfill the obligations of information disclosure and other illegal activities, all levels of business administration and management, market supervision and management department (hereinafter referred to as the "industrial and commercial departments) revoked the business license, business exception list or included in the list of serious violations of corporate dishonesty and, in the corporate credit information publicity system to the public enterprise and its legal representative, and the enterprise legal person in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the enterprise responsible for serious violations and free shareholders and other relevant personnel (hereinafter referred to as the" parties "). The two is the market access and qualifications of the parties have been limited. Industry and commerce departments in the field of production safety, travel agencies, such as the 12 areas of restrictions and restrictions made clear. Three is to clear the coordination of various departments of the regulatory measures. All departments and industry and commerce departments to share regulatory information and data to achieve collaborative supervision. Put forward the industrial and commercial departments shall order the parties to deal with the change, cancellation of registration or revocation of business license three measures. The four is to clear the Joint Disciplinary measures. Eighteen measures are put forward, such as restricting the Internet information service, restricting the financing credit, limiting the high consumption behavior. Five is clearly the implementation of collaborative supervision and Joint Disciplinary approach.

the "memorandum" list of departments should through the Qinghai province enterprise credit information publicity system, the Qinghai public credit information sharing platform for the exchange or transmission line exchange of data and information sharing.  

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