Henan Province on the control of the proposed strict requirements

The reporter learned that, in the spring of March 1st on the eve of the school, the provincial education department will do a good job in spring entrance education, "kongchuo Bao Xue", campus love action for the full deployment requirements across the province to seriously implement various schools.

"kongchuo Bao Xue": the requirements of the provincial education department is a local education administrative departments to strictly implement the office of the provincial government "on Further Strengthening the" kongchuo Bao Xue "efforts to comprehensively improve the level of compulsory education notice" spirit. Organize students to report to work, focus on strengthening the compulsory education school students especially middle school students in the school report and statistics "kongchuo Bao Xue", for failure to timely report to school students, school teachers, timely communication, home visits, urge the students back to school time. The two is to seriously implement the "opinions" of Qinghai Provincial Department of Education under the new situation on the floating population Suiqian children receive compulsory education, good children, school-age population left-behind children, disabled children to school work, timely understand the local flow, left-behind children whereabouts, urging parents to student related transaction procedures, strengthen the student management, to ensure that children, compulsory education schools, the floating population left-behind children disabled children all back to school on time. Three is to do a good job in the management of electronic school. In strict accordance with the provisions of the transfer, roll out, drop out and other student turnover in the electronic enrollment system update and registration, strengthen dynamic management, strict prevention and control of the loss of students dropping out of school. To strengthen the education of students: the Provincial Department of education requires the education administrative departments of the first part is to grasp the students’ daily behavior education. Two is to do a good job in safety education. Deepen the Spring campus love action: Provincial Department of education requires all schools to be based on the 2015 Spring campus love action on the 13 kinds of students problems in further investigation and psychological, personality, life, academic, moral, staff help students focus on education and focus on education management for dynamic investigation, establish ledger a clear responsibility to implement the "one to one" assistance measures, strengthen the education and guidance and management, to help them solve practical problems, promote the all-round development of students.


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