Crop names around Xining

Place names are not only symbols of other people, things and objects, but also have rich cultural connotations.

now the city people know in rural planting crops that many people, but know that every piece of crops and the name of the person is really not much. In fact, every crop has its own name. The name of each crop is often a place where the natural environment, social customs records and reflection. There are several main characteristics of these crops in all kinds of names: one is named according to the landform, such as flat top, steep corner, Gua Ling, Ling Wan, on the beach, the beach, bay, bay, after the collapse of the collapse in Deep Bay, Deep Bay, generous, small and large angle, GA sharp, sunny and shady slope, Dong Po, west slope, ridge, ridge, in mouth, mouth to evil ways, etc.. The two is named according to the land owner name, such as Zhang, Wang, Li earth earth earth earth, Chen Jialing, Zhao Jia Ping, Luo Jia Po, iron, white Taiwan, Majiagou, zhaojiawan, Yang house, Liu Jiafen mouth, Xie Jia Fen wan. The three is to farm tools such as name, Dalian, cut knife, sickle Bay, dustpan palm, Luo Er Taiwan, Maanqiao, Luzhou, dung tank ditch, accountant etc.. The four is to name such as birds and animals, lion head, tiger Taiwan, camel Bay, wolf, wolf, wolf tongue tail call, Wildfox ridge, Wildfox beam, dog and sheep sheep foot slope belly, Pakistan, sheep, pig ears, Ling Shuanmazhuang, Niujuan Taiwan, rabbit, rabbit, Po Wan Yan, chicken coop, squirrel neck Bay, slope, mountain, ant head long tail, double tail etc.. The five is to the surrounding environment such as: the town name, lumps, head, head, the real reservoir fountain head, under the field, OBO Liang, temple behind, Fen Wan, Dong Wu gully, Yatou, yellow Bay, leek thorn ditch, Ma Liantan, gray, wheatgrass, Ling Xi Ji Tan, Xuan hemp, cat thorn slope.

crops names, is handed down so far. Some of the names of the crops that have been handed down today contain a simple story or a small story about the history of the local culture. Such as "wolf call" the legend, away from the village, past the wolves often appear and disappear without regularity in the wolf, after dark side call stop. Cattle circle, it is said to be a long time ago, is the place where people live and cattle. Where the name of the crop names, generally refers to the original owner of the original land industry, or the name of the people who live here at least after planting the crops. "Pimple" in the summer and autumn season, farmers are most afraid of the natural disaster is hail (commonly known as: rain bombs). In the wake of the hail, the crops will be ripe to see all or part of the light. Helpless, the farmers in the old society, please Mr. Yin and Yang, located in the clouds rain mountain and easy to lead to bad roads, digging a garden pit, buried a millstone (meaning the rotation of "heaven and earth") and twelve gold, wood stake, bats, a head, Sha Yaner and snake etc.. It is said that this can make (to) gas pressure brake, hail cloud drive.

for generations in farming is the farming industry, with farmers, has special value of land. The rural old people often say: the land is the lifeblood, is the origin of all things. Crop names are particularly important for farmers, planning a year of farming, all;

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