Forestry Bureau of Xining city chuangxianzhengyou for urban greening construction pioneer

Xining City Forestry Bureau of Party organizations at all levels closely around the "eternal loyal character, striving to urban greening construction pioneer" of the carrier, firmly grasp the "four combination", will chuangxianzhengyou activities throughout the work, with the effectiveness of urban greening construction inspection chuangxianzhengyou achievements.

is the carrier of innovation, highlighting the characteristics of practice. Xining people’s Park, Nanshan Park, zoo, South nursery window unit Party branch through the development of culture and Art Festival, tourism.the Ice Festival, local folk art performances, popular science propaganda month, autumn chrysanthemum exhibition, art competitions and other activities to promote the combination of potted landscape culture construction. Bridge Nursery, Beishan Forest, forest and other branch to carry out the quality, efficiency, first-class "skills competition activities, improve the quality of afforestation. City forestry station, Forest Public Security Bureau and other party branches to carry out five to five dispute and the theme of the practice of the "one of three", boost innovation. In the unit self-assessment, mutual recommendation, to observe the scene appraisal way, choose the tree people’s Park Zoo entertainment group, the pneumatic tube department, the Ministry of science and technology, South nursery plant protection station of Yushu disaster timber quarantine Gang, Huangshui forest farm forestry afforestation demonstration group and other 5 positions, in recognition of Cai Yinghao and other 3 outstanding outstanding Party members, from the green nursery, planting, animal breeding, nutrition forestry pest control, forest resources protection, people’s park service window and focus on the job training of 8 Party members as the object of study. Party members of the Party leadership team depth 6 point units, guidance to help grassroots units to clarify ideas, innovative ways, set a good measure, comment on the outstanding problems of grassroots party organizations. At present, the 27 party members of the public commitment to the public, and do good things for the masses and the community, the real thing of the 31.

at the same time, overall consideration, pay attention to grasp the four combination". That combined with the ideological education of CPC members, the establishment of regular learning center group and party learning education system, promote the normalization of Party education; combining with the work style of cadres, the implementation of the administrative law enforcement responsibility system, Shouwenfuze system, service commitment system and time limit system, boost the cadres and workers to form a good style of work; combined with the service of the masses, the implementation of urban green space landscape renovation and create green homes to build affluent village "project, to create a clean and tidy environment; combined with the greening of urban and rural areas, to complete the city streets, roads, streets and suburban courtyard exit 39 village green construction tasks, the forest coverage rate reached 28%, built-up area green coverage rate of 36.6%, green rate of 35.6%, the per capita public green area of 9 square meters, the national green model city to create success, for the continuous improvement of the ecological Environmental quality plays an important role.


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