Determine the planned investment of 3 million yuan will be restored as soon as Xining Nanshan Phoeni

Garden City Council in March 12th

, a symbol of Pudong and Xining friendly symbol of Nanshan Phoenix Palace problem film aging caused the attention of the municipal government, the city has confirmed plans to invest 3 million yuan, Nanshan Phoenix Palace update as soon as possible to repair.

is now standing on the top of the mountain, the shape of the Phoenix Palace, such as the construction of a white sail in 2002, aided by the Pudong New Area free, Phoenix Palace 30 meters high, the use of large span pull film molding. It is understood that under normal conditions, Nanshan Phoenix Palace building structural design life of 10 years, but because the plateau temperature difference between morning and evening, strong sunshine and strong wind, the Phoenix Palace damage speed, although I Nanshan Park, invested twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan each year to maintain the Phoenix Palace last year, but the staff still found the problem of tension membrane aging, there are the main cable breaks, fixed film structure of three of the two film top sail off, some parts are damaged, the need for maintenance. A strong wind in March 7th caused some damage to the Phoenix Palace.

Nanshan Phoenix Palace is a landmark building in our city, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Earlier this year, the city government has been the maintenance of Phoenix Palace as an important work on the agenda. Municipal Gardens Bureau official said, in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government, the current renovation program is being developed which, the Bureau will organize the implementation of the restoration work as soon as possible.


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