Xining City twinning in two counties in Guoluo Prefecture

in accordance with the provincial government’s request, Xining this year, a total of 18 municipal departments, 7 counties government in Maqing county and banma County, Guoluo prefecture to carry twinning activities.

help follow the pragmatic, solid, ensure the completion of the principle of the year. Helping the project is divided into five categories, respectively: cadres, personnel training, intellectual support, exhibition and investment, donated materials. Among them, 6 cadres, 22 personnel training, intellectual support and investment exhibition 7 items, 6 items, 1 items of donated goods, a total of 42 aid projects, preliminary statistics supporting funds for 3 million 303 thousand yuan.

is the embodiment of his word, the city twinning work included in the annual target responsibility assessment system, and establish the city twinning consultation system, requiring three times a year to carry out consultation: the early convening of matchmaking meeting in the meeting to promote the work, check the meeting held at the end of the year. At the same time the establishment of twinning work regularly supervision and inspection system, to ensure that the twinning help activities implemented. (author: Sheng Nan)

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